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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Anti-Virus and other Utilities

I mentioned in the previous post that there were FREE programs (Anti-virus, Spyware, Firewall) for individuals (or One-Person offices), but I didn't mention WHAT those programs were! My apoligies for that oversight!

These are MY favorites, and there are others out there, so this is by no means the ONLY list of Free Computer Safety software links! If you go to C-Net Downloads (see my sidebar to the right for that link) and type "free anti-virus", you will get 87 results...Today. There might be MORE tomorrow!

C-Net Download is a safe place to download almost any kind of software, since the "Bad Guys" have been creating websites for unsuspecting persons to download free software. The software is not what it is supposed to be, and possibly contains viruses, key-loggers, trojans and all sorts of malware. I am not saying that ALL similar-sounding names are bad sites, but I am cautioning novice users to BEWARE of the possibilities and use trusted sites.

I personally use AVG , ZoneAlarm, and Spybot S&D. I also turn on the Windows Firewall everytime I boot up. One of my other programs turns it OFF, so I just turn it back ON before I try to get online...No big deal, and I feel much better.

I have used all-in-one Security Suites in the past, and I have had problems. They have "holes" in their armor, and if one feature stops working, chances are that something else will stop, too.

If you want to try the above-mentioned software, the official sites are listed on my links at the right. The Spybot can be downloaded from C-Net.

Non-related software that "overlaps" and doesn't conflict is, in my humble opinion, the best defense.

MAC users use this link
Windows users use this link


  1. it's really informative :) but on the other side.

    Well, in my opinion I always prefer to go for paid anti-virus and firewall, I use Norton Anti-Virus and Firewall and still satisfied.
    I agree that there are many free softwares which are useful and few of them I use it as well but when It's a matter of pc security I never take any risk. I go for paid products of reputed companies. There is a very strong reason behind that I work professionally so the protection of my work is prior.

    hmm there is no doubt that If I'm looking for any free software then I go to because cnet has no match.

    But there are a lot people who use free anti-virus, in fact few of my friends also use it, and It's also good to use it if the company is reputed!

  2. Anna,
    As you can see, I posted this on April 2nd, 2009. I have since rethought some of the things I said, and agree with you about PAID AV programs. However, some people refuse to pay...therefore the FREE resources...

    I will be adding a fully revised post this week. Thanks for mentioning WHY it is important to consider the paid versions (for businesses in particular).

    I have changed my Point-of-View about some of the "better" free ones, after some bad experiences with the "new and improved" engines!


    P.S. Anna has a great blog for the newest technology and gadgets! Visit her at

  3. Deb even then it was worth to read the post. I'm impatiently waiting for your next post.

    and really thanks a lot for mentioning my blog name :) so nice of you :)