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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Scanning Utilities to Uncover Conficker

If you haven't already scanned your computer for the dread Conficker worm, PLEASE DO IT NOW! The following links are FREE, and will help discover the worm on your PC, if it exists there...

In case you don't know what the threat is...Conficker is supposed to grab passwords and credit card information and then transmit that information back to its "Master Sites".

The Conficker worm was first released back in December 2008, and has evolved to the latest variant Conficker.C for the April 1st activation deadline. Some sources think that it may even push that date forward to later in the month, or the spring, so that everyone will have their guard down.

The best line of defense for this - or any other computing threat - is to follow these steps:
Make certain that your Anti-Virus has the latest definitions.
  • Use MULTIPLE levels of protection on your computer. Don't rely on a "One Program Does IT ALL" approach to protection.
  • Don't let your computer remember your passwords or other sensitive information. Hackers are always trying to figure out ways to open the "Vault" or the "Wallet".
  • Don't used "Cracked" software. This is one of the BEST ways to invite a virus to your computer, and it is ILLEGAL!
  • Don't download any free programs from unknown sources. If you are looking for Utilities, and other programs such as the ones below, either go to the Company Website, or use C-NET for downloads. Some of those links on the popular search engines are purposely made to sound like the real thing...

The following links will take you to sites for free utilities. I have already used two of them, and have had no problems...and NO WORM so far! I used the Microsoft Live link on one computer, and the Symantec link on another computer. Both will scan ALL drives found on the PC, so be prepared to leave things unattended and offline for a while...

The Microsoft link has the most comprehensive scanner (for anything that might ail your PC), and the Symantec page has the MOST information regarding all you ever wanted to know about this utility, general PC Security practices, and removal of any problems.

Good Luck!

Please follow the instructions carefully for running these utilities. Only one check should do it. If you do have the worm, the Symantec site has the best Removal information.

Microsoft Live Online Scanner

Symantec W32.Downadup Removal Tool (this is the other name for the Conficker worm)

Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Engine / Template

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.35 (this download in on the C-Net site)

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