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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Revised List of Free and Paid Anti-Virus Software

It has been almost a year since I posted the list of MY favorite, trusted Anti-Virus and Firewall software, and a revised list is long overdue! Thanks to Anna Hayward for giving me the PUSH to do this. She is the Gadgets and Technology Guru listed on My Favorite Links sidebar (look to the RIGHT of this post).

I don't form these opinions (of the favored software programs) in a vacuum, but have a trusted "geek network" of computer professionals whom I have known for years. I constantly ask questions, and take informal surveys about every three months to see if opinions have changed. I will try to update this list every three months, to keep my readers informed of any changes.

I started using AVG FREE in July 2006, and liked it very much. It took fewer resources than some of the most popular AV Suites. Since the Free worked very well, I started using a paid version of AVG on my business computer last summer. Things were lovely until the latest engine of that software decided that it did not like ZoneAlarm. Things became "unsettled" and "unreliable", to put it mildly...

If life wasn't bad enough with those two programs fighting "like two bulldogs in a sack", I upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 and added Chrome to my list of peevish programs.

I finally removed the AVG paid, and the Zone Alarm Free, and loaded a Paid Zone Alarm Firewall and Anti-Virus Suite. Life is "sweet" again on the surfing side of things...

My father's computer suffered an attack of the Internet Security 2010 recently. After a LONG period for diagnosis of the actual problem, and then "cleansing" the computer, I upgraded his protection to these FREE programs: Zone Alarm Free Version 9 and Ad-Aware Anti-Virus Anniversary Edition FREE (by Lavasoft).

The Zone Alarm link is on the sidebar at the right, and the Ad-Aware can be downloaded from CNET. I still use the SpyBOT Search and Destroy (free, but donations are accepted). Another weapon that I use in an "on demand" state is Malwarebytes.

All of the FREE programs, and some of the PAID programs, can be downloaded from (still my preferred source for these programs, for reasons stated in the previous post).

If I did not have these programs, mentioned above, available for use, I would choose Norton (from Symantec). Not cheap, not free, sometimes a resource hog, but still my favorite "Big Gun" after all these years.

I look forward to hearing what YOUR favorite programs are... The Comment link is now working :)


  1. "Deb you're really so sweet"

    These are few words which struck to my mind when I finished reading your post. Not because of that you mentioned my name but the way you expressed your views was really awesome. The told each and everything in a very crystal clear manner.

    Just make me clear that you mentioned "Your father's computer suffered an attack of the Internet Security 2010"

    Are you talking about Norton Internet Security 2010, if it's so then hmm at least I can say that by the grace of GOD I'm lucky enough that so far I didn't get any problem with Internet Security. Though I've a bit older version but I update it on regular basis.

    Thanks for saying good words about me but I'm not GURU, I'm still in the learning stage and it will go on through out the life. I enjoy learning something new everyday :)

  2. Anna,
    The Internet Security 2010 problem that my father's computer "suffered" (I suffered, too, while trying to remove the problem), is a rogue software. It is known as "IS2010", and tries to sell services that are unnecessary and useless, for around $40US. The name is similar to the Norton product, but is not related.

    The attack and removal is documented in the Microsoft Knowledge Base, and on some other websites as well. The removal process is the equivalent of a ROOT CANAL for a human... :)

    I will create another post, with websites that have helpful information, so that others do not have to "dig" deep as I did to discover the real problem.

    I appreciate your comments very much, since I have been in a one-sided conversation up to this time...I love your blog because it teaches me about the new "gadgets"! You are MY GURU when it comes to the phone apps, spy gizmos and such! :)

  3. Deb Thanks for clearing my doubt!

    for rest I just say:- so nice of you :)

    hmm I'm speechless